About the project


(1) creating sustainable and stable jobs that, in addition to decent work and life, will also reduce the risk of social exclusion in the long run,

(2) by engaging the knowledge of top designers, designers and artists, access to innovative and creative solutions “with the goal” both in the traditional industries, which need innovative creative solutions for re-positioning in the market (textile, wood industry, design, for conservation and revival) and design), promoting the preservation and enhancement of cultural heritage and new technologies for convergence of creative and artistic community solutions (including the use of virtual and delineated and mixed reality technologies, 3D technologies, which in the next 10 years will significantly contribute to the creation of alternative jobs and creation social effects),

(3) with the laboratory mode of operation, also creating conditions for strengthening the entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial competencies of members, and through increasing their capacities through mentoring, training and education, and acquiring and transferring knowledge to this target group with the purpose of empowering individual co-workers as well as specific groups for facilitating entry into the market,

(4) through the open information and communication platform with a digital record of competences and available knowledge and skills will enable such information on the supply side, but also the identification and access to the services of this target group in the immediate and wider community, functioning according to the principle of community – social co – operative by using the digital record, on the other hand, it will significantly contribute to reducing the risk and increasing the safety of the implementation of innovative services, products, solutions on the demand side

Why e-cooperative on blockchain?


• Supervision and accountability are equally distributed among all members
• High involvement of members in the functioning and decision-making processes, transparent functioning, fair distribution created, active operation and commitment of members increase the chance of success
• Motivation of members and employees in cooperatives is higher than motivation of employees in capital companies
• Enhancing business stability in times of economic crises provides members with competitiveness, visibility and involvement in social networks that can not be achieved by independent market entry
• More efficient operation
• Members contribute to the development of the local community through their work


  • Blockchain is a digital and decentralized book that records all transactions without the need for a broker
    • Transparency: users or developers have the ability to adapt the technology as needed, and it is virtually impossible to change the recorded data within the block chain, or it is transparent
    • Lower transaction costs: enables direct business among users without the need for a third party, thus reducing the cost to users
    • Decentralization: because there is no single central data node, network security is ensured
    • Supervise the network by users who have control over everyone and decide on the development and upgrading

Project #Create responsible

Initiative for creating Cooperatives Responsible creators z.b.o. so.p. and platfrome create-responsible.eu came from the Association Social Economy Slovenia, which carried out a transnational project titled “Through Creative Inclusion to Decent Work” Ministry of Republic of Slovenia for Economy, EU Social fund, for activation and social inclusion of the target group of precarious workers.

#Create responsible is the first e-cooperative that supports the activation of individuals by using the high-tech tool – blockchain platform, facilitating access to services and the market, thus providing greater visibility, security and stability of members.

The target group of the platform are freelancers, unemployed, performing part-time work under a contract, part-time employees, workers in culture, persons with supplementary work statuses, social enterprises that take into account the SOCIAL ECONOMIC PRINCIPLES: Sustainable Development, Social Responsibility, Inclusion of Vulnerable groups, solidarity and democratic decision-making.

Within the framework of the project “Through Creative Inclusion to Decent Work” Ministry of Republic of Slovenia for Economy, EU Social fund, 12 training courses were conducted for the promotion, motivation, empowerment and association of individuals in the e-cooperative.

Operacijo delno financirata Ministrstvo za gospodarski razvoj in tehnologijo ter Evropska unija iz Evropskega socialnega sklada.